Destiny 2 Campaign Tips and Tricks to Help You Get Started

Introduction: Destiny 2's Campaign Mode is a Massive Addition to the Game and Things Can get Complicated Quickly, Here's a Few Tips to Get You Started

Destiny 2 has a new campaign mode that takes the player on a journey through the solar system, with a little help from some familiar faces. If you're starting out in Destiny 2, this is how to get started.

Destiny's Campaign Mode is one of the most rewarding additions to the game, giving players an epic story with all new characters and storyline. It's difficult to get started in Destiny 2's Campaign Mode, so let's break it down piece by piece and explain how you start this mode of Destiny 2.

Quick Tips for Beginners of Destiny 2 Campaign Mode

With the Destiny 2, Bungie revamped their previous game and introduced it to a wider audience. To help beginners with their experiences in the new campaign mode, we have gathered some quick tips for them.

Start by playing through the story campaign. You will get a clear idea of what is going on and learn how to move around the map. Use your Ghost abilities to scout ahead, break walls with your sword, or provide support in battle.

Learn how to use your super ability - it can be used much like grenades in other games but you can also use it in combination with other weapons such as sniper rifles and shotguns.

Be sure to equip your subclasses early. You can change them at anytime so you don't have to worry about wasting valuable skills, but it's good to get familiar with the different abilities of each subclass early on.

So, how to start destiny 2 campaign?

- The first thing you do when starting up Destiny 2 is creating your character. You can choose from a variety of races and genders that will affect the way you play in both campaign mode and multiplayer mode.

- After creating your character, you are thrust into the game where your guardian wakes up on what seems to be an abandoned planet, alone and without their powers.

- The beginning of the game is focused around finding your Ghost, voiced by Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage. After finding him, you learn that there are Cabal forces attacking Earth and that your main mission is to take them out.

- Once you've completed the first few missions, you work towards powering up your ship so you can to fly it back to Earth.

- After returning home, you are tasked to complete several missions that help take out hostile "Red Legion" forces that have taken control of the city.

How to Complete Your First Quest as a New Player in Destiny 2 Campaign Mode

The beginning quests are much like the opening levels of Destiny. You will learn how to battle enemies, use abilities and weapons, navigate around the map, and learn about your character's different skills.

- The first thing you need to do is go through the story missions. They are fairly linear but introduce players to many aspects of gameplay which make them a great starting point.

- After completing the first few missions, players will complete several quests that introduce them to other aspects of the game and allow them to try things out for themselves. These include: Patrols, Bounties, and Roaming Events.

- Another type of mission you should be playing is Adventures. They are narrated with various cutscenes and are designed to help you explore different locations, characters, and enemies.

- Once you've completed the initial story quests, players should begin playing through the campaign missions on Heroic difficulty.

- The last tasks players should complete in the initial campaign mode are the Strikes and Raids.


That's all the helpful tips we have for people who are starting their Adventure in Destiny 2's Campaign Mode. If you want to get more help with your experience, be sure to check out our other article on the Highest Caliber Weapons and Armor in Destiny 2.